Lance Curtis is a Nashville Recording Artist, Songwriter, and Performer. He is a two-time nominee for 2018 and 2019 Young Artist of the Year at the Arkansas Country Music Awards. He was also a 2018 nominee for Young Artist and Young Vocalist of the Year at The Josie's Music Awards in Tennessee. He has a song "Sounds Like Country" coming in the charts at #2 on an Arkansas Country Music Radio/Internet Station. In which he just released his debut album called "Sounds Like Country" recorded at Off The Row Records in Nashville. There are several songs from the album that are currently receiving radio airplay in Arkansas, Florida, Texas, Canada, Europe, Georgia, and Tennessee.

 Lance grew up on stage playing music with his Papa and his uncle. His Papa made a huge impact on Lance's life, helping him to develop his craft and passion for music! He hears the music and is proficient with the guitar and piano and has a true country soul! If you like both classic country and modern country, then you will love Lance's music! He brings modern-day sounds mixed with a classic feel! 

Recently, Lance has been co-writing with Jan Buckingham, a hit writer who wrote "Cleopatra, Queen of Denial" for Pam Tillis, Ralston Wells, Taylon Hope, and many more.  He often performs in Nashville, as well as his home state of Arkansas.  His dream is for his music to be heard worldwide, as well as being a role model for everyone and staying true to God.